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“Creating aural beauty one byte at a time.”
Solarno is my ongoing music project that explores ideas of science, technology, and history through the medium of electronic music and digital production.

Music has always played a very important and powerful part of my life.  I started playing trombone in the 4th grade back in 1982 and I went on to become both classically and jazz trained on the bass trombone through school and college.  Some 35+ years later I’ll still occasionally play with local concert and jazz bands.

My passion for music really started though in 1986 when I began writing music for fun on my venerable Commodore C-64.  I created the alias Solarno somewhere around 1987, because it sounded cool and futuristic, and I'm a sci-fi geek.  I dabbled for years in my spare time learning various bits of music hardware and software.  Then in 2004 I bought my first Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and in 2007 I christened my now formal music studio Robot Junkyard.  

My first official release under the Solarno moniker was Remotely Programmed Moonshot in 2008, some 20 years after I started writing music.  I’ve since released a number of other EPs and albums, and even done a few remixes for other artists.  Below you will find my various albums along with a sample song from each release (Boy, was it hard to choose just one!).  Clicking the artwork will take you my Bandcamp page where you can listen to and purchase any of my released tracks.  They can also be discovered in the usual places; iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, etc.

Please enjoy.

EP Releases

My color series of EPs is an ongoing project that looks to explore the science, nature, and history behind the seven primary additive and subtractive colors. These seven colors represent the CMYK and RGB color spaces. Yes, three are still in progress.

  • Kyanos - Cyan (C)
  • Rauthaz - Red (R)
  • Magenta - Magenta (M)
  • Viridis - Green (G)
Kyanos - 2011

Methane 2

Rauthaz - 2012

36Ar + 4He = Love

Magenta - 2013


Three Hours in Magenta

Viridis - 2013


Wolfgang's Devil

Full Album Releases

  • Remotely Programmed Moonshot is an album inspired by photos I took while visiting the Johnson Space Center.
  • Robot Junkyard was born out of wanting to use only one synth for an entire album.  With the exception of drums and some vocals, all you hear on this album is the Logic EFM1 soft-synth.
  • Derivative is basically the songs from Robot Junkyard, but with all limitations removed.  The result is an album in its own right with its own unique feel.
  • Holiday is actually a compilation of 3 holiday EPs.  I like to think of these tracks as non-seasonally biased songs that you can enjoy all year long.

Remotely Programmed Moonshot - 2008


Saturn Lost

Robot Junkyard - 2010

Walk Along Little Robot

Derivative - 2011


Digital Singularity
(Orbifold Vocal Mix)

Holiday - 2014


God Rest Ye Merry Robotmen

Remixes and Unreleased

  • Indestructible was one of 6 remixes I did for Color Theory between 2011 and 2014.  I view them more as "re-imaginings" than remixes as they are all drastically different from the originals.
  • Occult Celebrity was a fun remix I did for industrial artist Johan Ess.  Dark, brooding, and whimsical.
  • Go was a remix I did for a remix contest, that I didn't win.  I don't have the rights to distribute, so it's in listen only mode.
  • The Divination of Andraste was an experimental piece I did exploring more cinematic compositions.  It's also in listen only mode.
Color Theory - 2012

(Solarno BFFs 4Ever Remix)

Johan Ess - 2012

Occult Celebrity
(Solarno's Death Rattle Remix)

Moby - 2011


(Solarno's Lounge Attack Remix)

Unreleased - 2014


The Divination of Andraste

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