Poster Design in Illustrator #1

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Lately I’ve been watching online coursework on the history of poster design from Sean Adams.  Sean is a fun teacher who also happens to be the Executive Director of the Graphic Design Graduate Program at ArtCenter in Los Angeles, CA, so he knows what he’s talking about.  I went to bed last night with my brain percolating and pondering a number of ideas.  Today I decided to experiment by spending a few minutes putting together a teaser poster for a fictitious movie I call ‘Tiny’.  The inspiration behind this design are the minimalist movie posters created by Saul Bass.  Some of his most highly recognized posters are ones done for movies such as The Man With the Golden Arm, Vertigo, and The Shining.

My goal with this poster was to create interest by having the viewer use their imagination to determine what the movie is about.  To attain this the poster is intentionally vague with minimal typography and art.  The bold two-color palette is visually jarring.  The small notches found in the N and Y give the impression of cutting or severing. The barely rotated letters give the viewer a sense of unease as nothing sits quite together.  I also extended the Y to pull the viewers eyes down to a slightly open and backlit door.  To further intrigue the viewer, the tagline and release date offer little that is concrete.

For all we know, this could be a horror, thriller, or even a Pixar movie.
What’s your guess?  What’s lurking behind that door?

Poster for fictitious movie TINY

Poster for fictitious movie TINY

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